Fairy Shoot details...

(#1) First and foremost you need to be at least 21 years old for this project as it involves implied nudity. That is to say naked without showing actual genitalia or nipples.

(#2) I cannot pay in a conventional means so prints for YOUR portfolio are offered as restitution, OR the price of those prints (ie. if I use your image for one finished work you get the print price... If I use three you would receive the price of three and so forth) ( I'll also buy lunch/dinner for the help.)

(#3) These are location shoots!!! I always act in a professional demeanor for a shoot and expect the same. It is fine to bring a companion or chaperone (it can be unnerving for people to go into the forest with a stranger) as long as they are not a distraction or in the way.

(#4) I provide transportation (within the Lower Mainland) and a professional Hairdresser/makeup artist, who is also working on a print for portfolio basis. There is a release form to be signed and proof of age verified.

There is a VERY strong chance this project will be published in book form and this is a good opportunity for exposure to industry. Full credits will be given.
References are available if requested.
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